Thursday, April 17, 2014

Emergency Couple: Fresh for an Overused Setting

Overused setting being: medical drama.  ER, House, Scrubs, Grey's, and who knows how many other Asian ones.  I'm not a fan of medical drama, except I loved House because Hugh Laurie was awesome.  Well, I couldn't suppose Asian dramas to pull off a good medical theme for some weird Filipino mentality that I have but, I think for a rom-com and a premise like Emergency Couple had, the show was awesome and new.

The show started off with young Chang Min and Jin Hee running off to get married.  Thus, Chang Min did not finish med school, and ended up as a med sales rep.  It's pretty degrading, and he would come home to a housewife Jin Hee who couldn't seem to be capable of anything either.  They divorced after a year.

Chang Min finally decided to finish med school abroad and returned to Korea to do his internship.  And who would he end up to group with but Jin Hee, who also just finished med school to prove that she had more to her than just being the useless housewife.  Enter: secret divorce in the workplace hijinks, and you got yourself one unique medical drama.

To cut this review short, let's just say I'm really thankful this came into the hands of tvN.  I love tvN dramas in that, they are more daring with their content.  They tend to include more moral and social issues in their shows, as well as keeping characters very real and relatable.  For example, in this show alone, they touched on issues like divorce, early marriage, single parenting, and raising a baby without getting married.  What I liked about the story most of all was how the supposed incapable Jin Hee turned out to be really good at being a doctor if she only had the courage to see outside of her insecurities from her ex-husband.  Let's not forget that tvN is a cable network.  Hello HD, hello higher budget.  Beautiful cinematography, especially the ER scenes.

And I should mention great acting from Lee Pil-mo as the ER Chief Doctor Gook Cheon-soo.  He had a super cool character as the rumored "Devil in the ER", who lived in the hospital, literally.  He had a well-written script of being a severe mentor but was apparently aloof when it came to expressing kind feelings, especially love, when he would become the other corner of the triangle (or should I say, square?) in the show.

Wrapping up, Emergency Couple was very refreshing and pretty and entertaining, but I probably wouldn't recommend it to my sisters.  This show would not suit the overthinking kind.

Emergency Couple
Original Air Date: January 24- April 05, 2014

After-Work Priorities of a Single 27-year old Geek S02E01

So it's a new season in my life.  Twenty-seven years old and geeking it.  Not too different, except that I was at a new working environment that required a minimum of 12 hours of "charity" work per day.  Overtime work that didn't even end with a Thank You.  Volunteer work.  Right here in the far reaches of the province called Ortigas Center, in this dusty little town called, Hotel MP.  How was a geek to survive in a place like this, going home under a rock where no cellphone signal seemed reach?  On one fine day-off that did not come so often, the local service provider paid a surprising visit without notice and just like that, I had internet.  Just like that, my sleep that was ever so precious because of said new working environment, became non-existent.  Hello manga.  Hello dorama. 

My sister just gave me two of Takehiko Inoue's art books, something I considered a much coveted acquisition given that its prices on amazon blew out of proportion for some reason unbeknownst to me.  Okay, so I asked for a much coveted knife from Japan that I'd been wanting to have for five years now but, the knife could wait.  Some other model would be manufactured that was probably going to be better.  But these books, were collector's items.  They were probably only printed in so many copies.  And I got to have two.

After-work priorities have increased.  Cleaning the house, watching drama, reading manga, looking for new anime to add to an ever growing "to-watch" list (but never ever finding the time to watch any), plans to visit the manga store on days off, and wrapping my books with clear plastic cover to preserve them for my grandchildren.  Yes, I recently decided to finally wrap my books with plastic when I saw that it could be done without the adhesive directly sticking on the cover.  And I will have time for this when?

Monday, April 7, 2014

Passion: Be Careful What You Wish For

"I was starting to believe that the reason it matters to care passionately about something is that it whittles the world down to a more manageable size." -- Susan Orlean  
I disagree.

The thing about passion is, the world will never be in any manageable form.  Rather, it's the opposite.  If you were only disinterested in the world, if you were only lazy, and uncaring, and bored, the world is a small place.  It is but your circle.  Your every day life.  That is your world.  But if you have passion?  Oh where to begin?  And sometimes, truly, where to end?  At times, I feel as if my body is complaining of the abuse, because I can't seem to stop.  And truly, I wish for it to just end for a tiny bit.  This... passion.  But well, here it is.  In my heart and in my soul.  Wild and youthful and untamed.  Manage that.

I often read in those bimbo magazines interviews of male idols, in true showbiz format.  "I want a girl who is passionate" or "A passionate woman is sexy" or some other variant.  I don't think they know what they're in for.  I'll tell you what.  Unless a man is as passionate as the woman, she'll grow tired of you.  She'll think of you as not an inspiration but as something in her way.  So if some guy "wants" a passionate woman for a lover, he better make sure he can handle it.  Because she'll never have time for silly little games.  She'll know what she wants and if you can't help her with that then stay in the sidelines for eternity.  We'll establish the hierarchy upfront, thanks.

Sometimes I think, if only I was... well, not the way I usually am.  You know, serious?  Like, if only I were living life like I ought to earn money to put food on the table.  Love what you do or Do what you love?  This is what I'm doing, what I love.  And it's not a walk in the park either.  It's as if, and I'm being a bit sarcastic, I love it so much I get nosebleeds from overwork.  Hair loss.  Weight loss.  Lack of sleep.  Muscle soreness.  Flu.  Thirteen hours a day.  Pee breaks are scarce, every minute is precious that to stop for food feels like I'm cheating myself.  

Are you ready for a passionate woman?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The True Lonely Hearts Club: I Want My Mommy

So February 14 came and went.  Valentines.  I never cared for it.  And whenever I saw those posts on Facebook about "Single Awareness" it made my yet-to-materialize breast milk curdle.  I bet they weren't really lonely.  I bet they were just trying to be different.  Whatever, you young lot.  Because Valentines and not having a romantic date was not something to despair over.  So screw your Single Awareness shiz.  You know what's lonely?  When you want to do some gardening.

Or take care of a pet.  So that there's at least a living being to greet you when you come home at the end of the shift.  Or go out to jog, while the rest of the young lads ask the young ladies out for some drinks.  You got excluded from the invitation of course.  Whatever, they could destroy their livers and I could live longer because I'm jogging.  Alone.  Or eating a healthy dinner.  For one.

I called my mom the other night.  Just because.  I was having one of the roughest weeks of my life- physically.  Too much work, or something.  And finally, at the end of the week, my body coughed up and died, literally.  I was down with the flu.  Asked my mom what to do.  Even if I sort of knew what to do already.  I just wanted her to tell me.  And I talked to her about my potentially growing a small garden.  Then she suggested I learn a craft or two.  Like crochet and sewing whatchamacallits.  

Despite having the flu, I went to my girl friends for a night of much needed human contact and girl talk.  We all had our own sad cases of loser-dom, I believed.  Glad we were in it together.  My biggest peeve this week was that I was brought to the reality, other than being lonely, that I was living my days from one paycheck to the next.  And this poverty I had not experienced before.  I felt annoyed that I had to decide on taking a cab like it was a big deal because of some 50 PHP difference.  It was embarrassing to myself that I could not buy cough medicine because I simply could not afford it anymore.  Where had all my money gone?

So, Single Awareness.  Pfft.  There are sadder cases.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ortigas Center: Livability According To My Standards

I had made a mental note about how I was starting to hate Ortigas 94 times in the course of two weeks.  Every time I had to sort of jump a hurdle I would think, this was probably why Ortigas isn't the number one city.  It kinda sucks.  I'm still trying to finish the long track of hurdles but let's list them down according to the "Peeve Meter".

The king of all hurdles that got me begging and crying (true story) was the internet problem.  I had lived in three other cities before this and not once had I thought my area was not serviceable by at least one service provider.  It came as a shock to me that I was smack dab in the middle of Ortigas Center, right along major business avenues, in a 36-floor residential building that's been established for years, that I couldn't get access to the country's biggest cable (and internet) network.  It came as an even greater shock that I could barely get phone signal.  I had better reception in the Bukid.  I had better reception under a rock.  The only logical explanation for it was, the condo unit I rented was a black hole, or a glitch in the space-time continuum.  

Next, as a person who loved to shop, Ortigas had one of the worst shopping malls at its center, SM.  How a mall that huge could have the most limiting of options, I could never understand.  It irked me that if I was looking for a particular item, I had to go all the way back to Makati's Landmark just to get it.  

Third- commuting in Ortigas is expensive.  These elitists figured they shouldn't have jeepneys and have FXs instead that's 70% more expensive.  

Fourth- Drivers DO NOT RECOGNIZE PEDESTRIAN LANES AND PEOPLE WALKING.  They don't slow down in side streets.  They don't slow down even when people are crossing the pedestrian lanes.  Worse, they even cut you and blink their lights at you to "signal" that they want to go first.  I have not seen one single driver slow down for a pedestrian.  

And let's not forget, the place doesn't have a park.  It has a patch of grass that they call a park but no.  

I hope I could learn to live through at least two years in this place. 

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